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SmartMedia Interactive Touch-screen tables


Multi-touch tables are functional and interactive working tools for an effective and integrated communication with customers and users.

Initially conceived and designed to make learning more engaging and collaboratively for children in classrooms, these tables favor interaction with multimedia resources, video, games, and much more, not only in the education field but also in the business world.

The optimal solution in work-group situations, design studios, in the medical-scientific field, in museums, art galleries, exhibitions, trade fairs.

Users can interact with the surface using either their fingers or a stylus, placing you in full control of versatile computer applications; tables available from 2 to 32 contemporary touches, that allow several people to work simultaneously on the device, such as on a large tablet.

Interactive Tables available in different sizes (from 22 "to 86") and features , proposed with 4K or Full HD resolutions touch panels, viewable in the "Specifications" tabs above.



  • Led or LCD Display with Full HD or 4K resolution
  • Screen Dimension: 22", 43", 55", 65", 75", 86”
  • Touch screen from 2 to 32 contemporary touch
  • Android Player Built-in or Integrated PC* selectable among different models.
  • Included software for creating, managing, exporting documents and audio/video content, multimedia files

Key Features of included Software:

  • Photo, video and audio viewer
  • Integrated web browser will let you navigate the Internet and create white and black lists to limit access only to specified sites
  • An app simulates a classic jigsaw puzzle to entertain in a fun way
  • Quiz builder with educational and entertainment purpose
  • PDF file andMicrosoft Word, Excel and Power Point file viewer
  • Form for enter the requested information, including e-mail address, attach any file you want (e.g. brochures, data sheets, images, screenshots, etc.), and the app will send it to the specified e-mail address automatically
  • Control all the PC functions and applications and annotate over anything
  • Draw perfect geometric shapes using the whiteboarding app
  • Import all image formats, videos, audios, flash files, ppt, pptx and pdf
  • Export in pdf, ppt and pptx
  • Write on the applications, create annotations and highlight text
  • Save and print what has been done with SmartMedia software
  • Instant replay of the work done inside the software
  • Windows 7, 8, 10 compatible for multi-touch capabilities