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Monitor LFD Digital Signage


The SmartMedia LFD monitors for Digital Signage, have a simple and elegant design with rounded corners, ideal for any decor and location. Reliable, strong screens, designed and tested to operate continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in addition to low power consumption. They can be equipped with touch screen capability (optional) and increased brightness to be placed high light areas.

You can choose different model sizes and features: 32" to 84" with resolutions ranging from Full HD to 4K.
1.5 GHz Quad Core with 8 GB of internal memory that supports playback of many types of media.

The integrated USB reader supports most common file formats for images, audio, and video: RMVB, MPEG-4, DivX, XviD, H.264.

It can be used vertically and horizontally, the LFD monitors are easy to install with simple wall brackets supplied;

They are equipped with Wi-Fi, SD card reader, and a simple free software for Digital Signage Cloud control Included: SmartMedia SmartSignage.

The LFD monitor or kiosk dedicated to digital signage, is managed via an Internet connection or locally programmable.

Each LFD Monitor (Player) comes with SmartMedia SmartSignage, the software for Digital Signage that allows the management of one or more devices, the orientation of the screen to load media files to the schedule management. Individual device attributes can be managed remotely via WiFi or LAN or locally via USB port. The end user can control features such as screen orientation, file uploads, and campaign scheduling.

The program for communications and multimedia files can be setup in a continuous loop mode or specific scheduling can be deployed.




  • LFD monitors for Digital Signage
  • display comes in 32" to 84"
  • resolution FULL HD or 4K
  • integrated Android Player
  • continual 24h/7 operation
  • CPU Quad Core 1,5 Ghz
  • Internal Memory 8 GB
  • Cloud based Software SmartMedia SmartSignage Included - for Digital Signage applications



Key features to consider when purchasing a Large Format Display:
- The size of the screen - in relation to the location
- The brightness required for specific project deployments
- Required continual operational in terms of hours and days per week