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Leggio interattivo, Podio Digitale SmartMedia


Smartmedia KIO-43L/55L Interactive Kiosk, Digital lectern, Interactive Podium


It is an innovative interactive kiosk with LED display 43" or 55" with touch technology used in many contexts.

The column of the support from the digital-lectern podium floor is composed of a robust metal frame used as a containing space for storing cables, pc and other materials.

It is accessible from a practical rear door, equipped with a safety key, and contains an internal shelf.

The wider base of the central structure, gives stability to the entire structure for comfort.


Multi-Touch LED 43" or 55" Display, 32 touch points, Full HD

is a masterpiece of technology; It is an integrated system with Android Player, integrated router, ARM Cortex processor and internal memory that provides a remarkable speed of execution.

The lectern can also be equipped with integrated PC * Optional.

The 32 contemporary touches allow the use of monitors to multiple users simultaneously.

Available connections: LAN, WiFi, WAN.



  • Display: LCD, Full HD resolution
  • Screen Size: 43" or 55"
  • Touch screen with 32 contemporary touches
  • Integrated Android Player or Optional Integrated PC*
  • Included Software: SmartTouch, , SmartMedia IWB, SmartSignage Optional: SmartMedia PRO .
  • Optional Software: SmartMedia 3DWayfinding for indoor tours of multi-floor, complex buildings such as stores, airports, museums, fares, hospitals and SmartMedia PRO, Classroom Management Software.