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- Interactive Monitors can be used in training rooms, meeting rooms, corporate lobbies, retail point of sale and museums as an engaging informational and interactive display

- Interactive Kiosks can be used in retail locations, shopping malls, airports and corporate lobbies providing information to visitors about your company or products 

- Interactive Whiteboards are great for training and meeting rooms for collaborative teaching and saving notes from meetings

- Smartmedia Pro software can be used in training rooms to monitor and control the flow of information to the participants at their computers

- Smartmedia Pro software can be used in a classroom environment to allow teachers to monitor students, share files with students and teach over the network

- Interactive Whiteboards can be used for whole class teaching providing a large display to write notes, run applications and save your lessons for review

- Interactive monitors can be used instead of interactive whiteboards providing a complete system for teaching the class

- Interactive Kiosks can be used in central areas of the school to provide students with information about events, activities and other school related functions

- Interactive Tables are great for group learning and collaboration as well as educational gaming 


Interactive Kiosks are perfect for any location where you want to engage potential customers and provide an interactive and informational experience about your company or products

- Interactive Monitors can also be used anywhere you want to provide an engaging experience for people to interact with information