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Classroom Management Software SmartMediaPRO: manage and monitor classroom performance

 Classroom management software SmartMediaPRO


Smartmedia Pro Classroom Management SoftwareSmartMedia Pro Software allows remote-control of classrooms and virtual classroom management.

It has been created to monitor the classroom and to allow teachers to communicate directly with students by integrating technology in the classroom.

It gives tools to control and manage computers and different devices in the class, transfer and share files with them in an easy way, share any application, broadcast a movie, show the class an exercise created by a student, monitor the student’s screen, monitoring computers by groups, block student’s devices, blank their screens - and many others - providing cross-compatibility that works with Windows, Linux, Android, IOS.

Teachers can also communicate with the class through voice and text messages, display any student's computer and take control, manage an instant quiz/survey and grade it and lots more: all this from their computer or tablet, as in a virtual classroom, saving teaching time.

Teaching & Learning will be really easy and the instructor will maintain a good order in class.



"Campus license", allows you to use Smartmedia Pro in more classes,  with more teachers and more students.

“Screen Broadcast” allows the teacher to broadcast their screen and/or the audio to one or more student’s devices.

• “Net Movie” function allows the teacher to broadcast video in all the popular formats to the students, either from the hard drive, internet, CD or DVD.

• “Monitor and control” function allows the teacher to observe, simultaneously, multiple student’s devices and take control of any student's screen.

 • “File distribution” function allows the teacher to send any file to the student's devices and also allow the students to send files to the teacher or other students.

• "Linguistics" refers to the features that allows a  teacher to record his/her lesson in any language and send it to the student.  The student can then playback the lesson and record their voice speaking the same as the teacher.This can then be compared and the teacher would then be able to assist the student.  It's a great way to be able to save the progress of the students and compare their recorded lessons spoken in that language.  

The Linguistics module has many features that can be used with any Language Lab where computers or tablets are part of the classroom.